More Watchmen

February 19, 2007

Ok, so a lot happens in chapters 4 through 9.  We’ll try to recap as well as maybe stick some insight in along the way.

In chapter 4 we get the origin of Dr. Manhattan.  And with Dr Manhattan there is a Superman-like situation, that is, a being of unlimited power but who uses that power to serve the greater good instead of their own needs.  And it’s interesting that in chapter 9 Dr. Manhattan tells Laurie “We are all puppets.”  That along with all his talk of actions being preordained raises a question that is not very new.  Do our actions have an impact, or is the ending already written? 

Also in chapter 4, we get the good doctor’s thoughts on The Comedian, “Blakeis interesting.  I have never met anyone so deliberately amoral…. As I come to understand Vietnam and what it implies about the human condition, I also realize that few humans will permit themselves such an understanding.  Blake’s different.  He understands perfectly…and he doesn’t care.”  And a little later in chapter 6, we get Rorschach’s thoughts on The Comedian, “Forceful personality.  Didn’t care if people liked him.  Uncompromising.  Admired that…. He understodd.  Understood man’s capacity for horrors and never quit.  Saw the world’s black underbelly and never surrendered.”  For everything that The Comedian does (rape, murder of woman carrying his child) the other characters almost seem to admire him for this understanding he seems to have of the world.

There was much nostalgia in the chapters, starting with Dan and Laurie reassuming their superhero personas.  Also, with chapter 8 starting with a conversation between Hollis Mason and Sally.  And at the end of chapter 8, the thugs run by a sign that says “nostalgia” on their way to attack Hollis.

A few questions I had from the reading: What is with that guy who killed his kids?  What’s the deal with the silhouette figures?  Did anyone else think it was a little messed up in the comic within the comic where the guy built a raft out of dead guys and took a bite out of a bird?  And I don’t really understand what the story is with Max Shea, the missing author. 


One Response to “More Watchmen”

  1. brett glasser said

    Well I finally finished Chapter 9 and I am pondering many of the same questions. For starters I still do not understand the Nostalgia thing and as far as incorporating theory into this equation Im thinking kapoot. Dr Manhatten deals with the same issues that Marty McFly deals with in Back To the Future. Not being able to change certain things because of the repercussions it would have on an already written future. Dr. M could have saved Kenneddy but did not. Would his survival have created an earlier doom for mankind or was he just selfish?

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