The End of Watchmen

February 21, 2007

I must first admit my sadness that goes along with the conclusion of this work.  This now means our reading will return to that of the anthology.  It was nice while it lasted I suppose.

So maybe Veidt is the smartest man in the world, his plan was very elaborate and he managed to pull it off with relative ease.  The only snag coming when the Comedian caught on, and saw something that even he couldn’t turn his head to.  Veidt’s plan raises an interesting question.  While it resulted in the loss of countless lives, his reasoning was that in the end it was for the greater good.  Uniting the world and thus putting off armageddon a little while longer.  So was it worth it?  Nite Owl and Dr. Manhattan sure thought so.  Dr. Manhattan believed in it so much he was willing to fry Rorschach.  I guess Veidt’s logic goes along with the whole you gotta break a few eggs, line of thinking.

I thought it was interesting how in the end the name of the fragrance has changed from nostalgia to millenium.  The change seems to go along with the fact that everything has changed.  Nothing is the same as when the book started, characters have died, Dr. Manhattan has left (again), Dan and Laurie change identities, and not to mention that whole millions of people dead thing.

There is one thing I don’t quite understand.  When Rorschach put his journal in the mail, I was wondering who there is that he would trust enough to send it to.  And then it ends up at the newspaper just sitting in a pile of other papers.  I can’t understand why he would send his personal thoughts to the newspaper.  Jameson, and his dislike for the media, would not agree with this move. 


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