At the Symposium

April 1, 2007

So I was able to make it to the English Symposium on Thursday.  However, the only portion that I was able to attend was thatwhich I was required to be there for another class of mine, Eng 314- Writing Drama, with a focus on comedy.  During this time, my fellow classmates and I were there to present both comedic monologues as well as several skits that we had written.  And I learned something while reading one of my pieces, I am not nearly as funny as I like to think that I am.  You could actually hear the crickets chirping during my reading.  But that’s ok. 

But another problem presents itself.  How to take what we have read so far and find a way to relate to funny pieces of writing.  Or in my case, things that at least had the intention of being funny.

One of my classmates, Holly, wrote a very good skit about a young married couple who go to see a marriage counselor to try and work out some problems in their relationship.  However, this counsellor has just been divorced from his wife and is extremely bitter over his wife leaving him, and attributes all of this couple’s problems to the wife.  He knows nothing of this couple,  but accuses the wife of infidelity and insults her with some pretty nasty names.  I think this piece could be related to Gayle Rubin.  She would obviously not be very pleased with the counsellor placing all of the blame on the wife for no reason other than she is a woman. 

Another person in my class, Cindy, wrote an extremely funny monologue in which a young girl attempts to convince her parents that she does not need to attend the family vacation this year, and is responsible enough to stay home and care for herself.  I kind of link this to Althusser.  The parents can be seen as the repressive apparatus, and the forcing of the child to go on the trip can be the reproduction of labour.

I know that the comparisons I have made are a bit of a strech, but it’s all I got.


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