Modern or Postmodern?

September 2, 2007

It wasn’t that long ago that I was using this blog to try and describe what kind of theorist I see myself as.  Now I’ve dusted it off and right off the bat I have to decide whether I’m modern or post modern.  So much for easing back into things. 

The thing I always find amusing about postmodernism, is that whatever you read on the topic, the beginning is always very clear to let you know that postmodernism has to set definition.  The Malpas book is no different.  It only took til page 4, “Unfortunately, finding such a simple, uncontroversial meaning for the term ‘postmodern’ is all but impossible.”  So is it even possible to define yourself by something that has no definition itself?  So by that definition, anything and everything could be considered postmodern.  Like would this be considered postmodern?

As I read over the handy list on pages 7-8 of Malpas, I found myself kind of leaning more towards the left side of the list.  So does that make me a modernist?  It seems like the post modern era will never end, because what is modern now will certainly not be so a year/month/week from now.  So what may be post modern now could very well be modern in a relatively short period of time. 

Looking back over this blog, I guess I didn’t really give a clear definition of what school of thought I place myself in.  Maybe that lack of a definition makes me more postmodern than I thought I was.


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