Fight Club 6-19

October 3, 2007

On page 65, Tyler informs the narrator that he has gotten him a job as banquet waiter, “At the Pressman Hotel, if you want to work in the evening,” Tyler says.  “The job will stoke your class hatred.”  This is a major theme of the novel and is the basis for everything that Tyler does as well as what project mayhem is about.  The inserting of the graphic scenes into family movies and the tampering with the food is all meant as an assault on the upper class.  Chapter 10 recounts Tyler’s first guerrilla act while serving as a caterer at a fancy dinner party.  The incident with the woman and her perfume bottles, and in the end, we find out that Tyler didn’t really “do” anything, but just wanted to make the woman hosting the party that something had been done to her expensive perfume.  The same is true for the soap.  The soap which is comprised of the removed fat from the wealthy and then sold back to them in expensive bars because they are the only ones who can afford it.  And Tyler recruits those from the under class to act as guerrilla soldiers with him on this assault.  The repeated mantra in the text about how the best and strongest of the generation are serving food and pumping gas, shows Tyler’s belief that society is built upon the backs of the working class and they should no longer be taken advantage of.

An interesting scene is when Marla asks the narrator to come to her apartment because she thinks she has felt a lump.  And up til this point, the narrator has seen Marla as a burden, and the only reason he must deal with her in his life is because she is seeing Tyler.  However, in this scene he shows compassion towards her and listens.  Proving his belief that when you think someone is dying that you actually listen to what they have to say. 


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