Cindy Sherman

October 15, 2007

I will start with the background information we read on Sherman.  I her reason for giving painting to be interesting.  According to her, she had “nothing more to say,” and it seemed like in painting she was simply “copying other art.”  And in speaking of photography, Sherman said, “I appreciate the idea that the images can be reproduced and seen anytime, anywhere, by anyone.”  Now it almost seems like it’s my job to find the connections to Baudrillard in everything we do; but this time, it’s right there in Sherman’s words.  In speaking about painting and photography, Sherman may as well have been saying a copy of a copy of a copy….

Sherman also has something in common with Tyler Durden in that they share a dislike for museums.  According to the background information Sherman did not appreciate museums, “I worked out of books and reproductions.”  Jameson would probably have a little something to say about that,”it can only ‘represent’ our ideas and stereotypes abut the past (which thereby at once becomes ‘pop history'”)  It seems neither Baudrillard nor Jameson would be fans of Sherman’s work.  Baudrillard would have to point out how it simply contributes to the simulacra; and Jameson would chime in by saying he’s not too keen on her not sticking to historical accuracies.

Another thing Sherman has in common with Tyler, her use of dolls and prosthetics for the purpose of exposure is very similar to Tyler using movies as a way of exposing a large audience to the same type of usually censored material.  I can’t really form more of a connection beyond that, but I’m sure there’s something to be found.


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