What paper?

November 12, 2007

So last Thursday maybe I was a little less than prepared when it came to a possible post modern paper idea. 

So here’s what I got so far; it only seem fitting that to go along with this paper I bring back an old friend from days past, Mr. Baudrillard.  In reading up on Baudrillard, I came across some interesting stuff on opinion polls, media, and politics.  I was thinking taking those ideas and writing my paper about today’s society and how even with the influx of new forms of technology which should make access to information easier, we are still left in the dark on most important of things.  For the text to go along with this idea, I plan on using the film V for Vendetta.  I know this seems a little scrambled and the idea needs a lot of polishing, but at least it’s a start.


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